Jinwei genuine promotion pearl white car paint

Category:                              topcoat
Brand:                                   Nottaway
Function:                              master batch
By solvent fractionation:    oil paint
color:                                     white
Gloss:                                   high gloss
Adhesion:                             strong

Product Name: white pearl car paint

jinwei white pearl paint cars, modified by a variety of weather resin, the front side yellow purple bright red and shiny, strong sense of pearls, high quality, strong cover ratio, a good sense of depth and dimension.

Scope: mainly used in the silver decoration equipment, vehicles, tanks, towers, metal pipes, metal surface and the type of object.

Features: strong adhesion, good hiding power, bright film, hardness, gloss and color retention, good resistance to yellowing

Performance: bright colors accurately, pearl effect is obvious, hiding power, can be used to repair partial or whole car sprayed a variety of advanced cars and commercial vehicles.

Packaging: 4 kg / cans; 4 cans / pc

Fourth, the construction process

a) ratio: Private car paint: hardener: thinner = 2: 1: 0.3 to 0.5 (volume ratio).
b) To spray pressure 0.4 ~ 0.5Mpa appropriate.
c) When spraying viscosity of 23 ℃ for about 14 to 16 seconds (spray -4 cups).
d) Spraying methods: first thin spray, second, three wet spraying, the interlayer spacing of 5 to 10 minutes.

Drying time: Surface dry after drying, 80 ℃ ※ 30 minutes, the baking temperature is low, the baking time should be extended accordingly.

jinwei chemical coating, and serve customers solve all the problems encountered in the course of, like customers are thinking, be anxious customers the way, determined to provide customers with the best quality products Putty.

Product List: Automotive Putty, high temperature putty, putty alloy, acrylic paint, universal acrylic car paint.

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