Factory Direct high quality silver automotive car paint

Cars lined up hiding good metal adhesion, good sense from the car paint
Long-term we supply high medium and low-grade automobile paint, different grades to meet your needs.
Two-component paint variety, bright color, good hiding power, good leveling, bright paint, gloss retention excellent color retention, high hardness, chemical resistance.
One-component color pure color accuracy, good covering power, good leveling, evenly silver particles, strong sense of metal, high hardness, chemical resistance

product manual of the paint

 1: high hiding power --- reduce costs and improve efficiency;
2: Excellent leveling --- perfect film appearance;
3: high gloss --- excellent mirror effect, filling the luxurious qualities;
4: substrate processing fast and easy to operate.

This paint is a solid system, mirror effect good, durable gloss, bright color, easy construction, high hardness, excellent chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance to alcohol, gasoline oil, heat cold resistance, excellent mechanical properties and attached focus, hard coating, with excellent polishing performance, volatile fast drying, suitable for air-dried, but also low-temperature baking, suitable for automotive, machinery and equipment, outdoor advertising and other coating.

Substrates of the paint:

You clean and polish the paint (including wet-on-wet process) thoroughly, original paint, or paint the surface intact, sprayed with soft substrate isolation layer.

 The mixing ratio

10 ~ 25 ℃ above 25 ℃

100 parts XD-1K silver paint 100 parts XD-1K silver paint

XD-2051 Universal Thinner 80-100 parts XD-2051 universal 80 to 100 parts diluent

Available time
24 hours, 20 ℃

Shi sprayed layer
2-3 layers, a total of 15-20 microns

Time apart
5-10 minutes, 20 ℃

Spraying and pneumatic tools
Gravity Gun (the pot) 1.2-1.5MM 3-5KG / CM2

Last time apart


Suction gun (under the pot) 1.4-1.7MM 3-5KG / CM2

10 to 20 minutes, 20 ℃
Renewable spray varnish series

Drying Time
Temperature dust does not stick to finger touch completely dried

20 ℃ 30 hours 24 hours 2-3 minutes

60 ℃ 5 min 10 min 40 minutes

Shelf life
Original tank cover can be stored more than two years, the storage temperature of 20 ℃

Dedicated bare metal primer

 1. <attached high strength anti-rust primer>, steel rust particularly good. It can play the effect of rust forever.

 2. <epoxy primer> For galvanized pipe, stainless steel, iron, aluminum products for the end purposes can play finish

Do not fall off, can not afford to shell privileged. (Which is what most customers ignored, and the supporting substrate primer is very important.)

  3. <gray primer> do not need to apply anti-rust product line, easy sanding, strong, can play a full bright finish, smooth

Metallic supporting materials

   XD-480 XD-460 bright varnish standard hardener XD-918 Universal Thinner

   Metallic paint ratio: metallic paint 1: 0.8 to 1 thinner,

   Varnish ratio: 2 varnish: hardener 1L: Thinner 0.5 to 0.8

Canned 1L, 4L cans; primer 4KG + 1L suit, suits 4L + 2L varnish hardener Premium

Precautions of the paint

Stir well before using this product uniformity
This product is formulated according to a certain proportion, or it will not dry or too brittle film phenomenon
After the deployment of the product must be used up within four hours, otherwise the film will be loss of light phenomenon
This product should be sealed immediately after use
This product is extremely sensitive to water, the water can not avoid the deployment of mixed paint

Good paint, make your car different, give your life more beautiful colors, I believe that our products give you the feeling of paint is new, let you feel the breath of the automobile age, colorful experience of life.

jinwei chemical Limited mainly engaged in automotive paints, machinery paints, paint advertising, stainless steel, paint, glass, steel paint, reflective paint, plastic paint. The full range products, covering high school low-end painting and a variety of accessories, and provide color matching services and spraying advice.


In accordance with the spraying point: Primer (primer one-component, two-component primer, iron red rust primer, epoxy primer, plastic primer, acrylic primer, etc.)

Paint (flat paint, corrugated paint, wrinkle paint, hammer paint, orange peel finish, sand grain paint, pearl silver paint, rubber, paint, etc.)

Materials (coatings, curing agents, diluents, masking paper)

In accordance with the nature of the product parts: Acrylic paint, polyurethane paint, amino paint, epoxy paint, UV paint, etc.

Positioning the company: committed to providing quality stable cost-effective products and excellent service, integrity and continuity!

Welcome to the future with you hand in hand!

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