jinwei Automotive car paint coating formulation recipe for you

Automotive sheet metal paint formulation technology

Basic parameters

Packing:                      canned
Origin:                          Guangzhou
Drying time:                3h
Availability:                  Guangzhou
Solids content:          75.0
Scrub resistance:     scrub
Alkali resistance:      alkali
Industry:                      Automotive Coatings
Colour:                        black
Storage:                     storage at room temperature
Single weight (kg):   20

Coating formulation research and development experts (focus on the formulation development and analysis)

 It offers a variety of automotive coating formulations
Help you through the production, improve product performance,
Solve various problems encountered in the development of your production!

Problems encountered in the coatings industry customers

 We can help you solve some problems

I wanted to produce a marketable automotive paint products, but do not know how to proceed?
Others paint their products are not good, trying to find the reason?
Question the product itself, the performance is not up to solve how to debug?
Paint products, such as common problems: poor paint adhesion, water resistance and solvent resistance are poor, poor weather, gloss enough and so on?

Formulations are covered:

 Varnish Formulation

High temperature coating formulation
Automotive paint formulations
Texture coating formulation
Powder coating
Melamine coating formulation
Fireproof paint
Waterproof coating formulations
Exterior paint
Bomb slurry coating formulations nap
Powder Coatings
The aqueous coating formulation

How to help you solve?

Ingredients Analysis - automobile paint composition by a variety of large-scale equipment associated with access to relevant microscopic spectrum than the spectrum analysis of the database of each component composition and content;
Formula] reduction - by reducing the proportion of each component of the coating composition and parses the paint base formulation;
Diagnosis foreign body - to paint foreign matters, determine its main components, to help customers analyze how the substance is produced;
Performance improvements - for common paint coatings poor adhesion, water resistance and solvent resistance is poor, poor weather, gloss enough and so on, through the analysis of the paint base formulation identify the causes of poor performance related programs and make recommendations for improvement;
Production imitation - provide objective product analysis target product based formulation, guide their own product improvement;
 Analysis raw materials - to help customers analyze coating raw materials, raw materials, controlled by the customer to avoid a result of higher production costs.

 Why choose us?
Jinwei technology holds first, professional and pragmatic principles client allows you to see
the leading edge of the industry, many companies have been highly appreciated!

CNAS has a national standard laboratory, with a precise analysis of multiple instruments, spectral library more than 300 pieces, in order to better analyze the quality of automotive paint, to meet customer demand for high quality automotive paints.

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