jinwei high quality automotive car paint

Automotive Coatings Automotive coatings automotive clear varnish ultra concentrated

Basic parameters

Dry film thickness:                                             1-2
Viscosity (Tu -4) viscometer seconds:          17
Adhesion:                                                            strong
Thinner:                                                               0.3-0.5
Coating methods:                                             spraying
Construction conditions:                                  room temperature
Material Form container:                                  liquid
Availability:                                                          Guangzhou
Gasoline resistance:                                        strong
Acid resistance:                                                 strong
Paint color and appearance:                           transparent
Packing:                                                              set
Shelf life:                                                             36 months
Origin:                                                                  Guangzhou
Flash Point:                                                        165 ℃
Color:                                                                    transparent
Brand:                                                                   Nottaway
Type of solvent:                                                   oil paint

Detailed description for automotive car paint

Guangzhou Jin Wei Co., Ltd. is a focus on environmentally friendly automotive car paint coatings operations of science and technology innovation, the company has Nottaway, Rach registered trademark, as well as the production of a number of software copyright, the company has a strong ability to innovate.

Nottaway brand waterborne automotive paint coatings line with the state environmental protection requirements and market trends, the company is a national high-tech enterprises, and to have a doctorate and senior management team, led by R & D, and Xi'an Jiaotong University, South China University of Technology and Germany Bayer Material Science, Germany, Clariant, Germany BYK build water-based automotive coatings engineering technology research and development centers, production bases and production enterprises have passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification and ISO114001: 2004 environmental management system certification, is being implemented GS16949 certification, in strict accordance with the standards ISO of the work, product quality and stability, and technical innovation.

 jinwei company focused on solving the current traditional marketing malpractice automotive coatings market, innovative use of local partner joint arrangement warehousing network, cross-border Internet marketing strategies, online self-unified national sales price of Internet + car paint marketing mode. Customers who purchase commodity prices can be obtained with equal points in jinwei mall to redeem a variety of auto parts coating products, daily necessities, small appliances, etc., so that customers get double the consumption in return.

jinwei company break through the traditional marketing model, to solve the industry chain downstream of the respective problems that exist, allow enterprises to lay down the burden of focus on innovation and product development, but also for the marketing reform the industry has made tremendous contributions, after years of development, the company has entered a period of rapid development, the company aims to become a leading environmentally friendly automotive coatings business sales operations, and built the country's largest automotive coatings O2O sales network.

Advanced automotive car paint

Features: high solid content, good leveling, high brightness, high hardness, fast drying, fast rise early hardness, film appearance beautiful, good permeability, gloss retention, particularly excellent weather resistance

The compounding ratio of the oil Magic: Magic Standard hardener: thinner = 2: 1: 0.3 to 0.5

Spraying: two single or a double plus a single layer, interlayer flash dry 10 minutes

Life: 25 ℃, 4 hours

Dry: 25 ℃, dust free 40 minutes, can be equipped with 12 hours 60 ℃, dust free 40 minutes, can be equipped with 40 minutes

Polishing: It is recommended to dry overnight after

Specifications for automotive car paint: 1L * 12, 5L * 4

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