Jin Wei paint anti-yellowing high-gloss acrylic fiberglass paint car paint color

Basic parameters

Scrub resistance:     10000
Availability:                  10000
Origin:                          Guangzhou
Packing:                      canned
Brand:                          Nottaway
Model:                          NSM930

Detail description for car paint

Purpose: for construction machinery, mining equipment, metal products, agricultural vehicles and other surface protection decorative coating.

Features: 1, high gloss, paint film, distinctness of image is better; 2, excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance, solvent resistance and excellent

Application Instructions of car paint

1, spray viscosity (25 ℃, spray -4 cups): 15-18 seconds in summer, in winter 18-22 seconds
2, gun caliber: Φ1.5- Φ2.5
3, spraying distance: 20-30㎝
4, spray pressure: 5-8atm

Precautions for car paint

1. The surface to be painted should be clean, dry and free of oil, impurities;
2. Can Airless, Air mix, air spray (pre-construction should be a net addition of water vapor in the air, oil and other impurities, in order to avoid shrinkage).
3. Stir well before using uniform, in proportion to the specification requirements of the accurate ratio, mixed with special thinner to adjust the viscosity to a state suitable for spraying, standing 10-20min after construction.
4. The use of paint after mixing is about 4-8h, and therefore how much distribution, preferably using now to prevent placing too long because the liquid paint thickened gel, or even scrapped overnight.
5. painting environment, should be well ventilated, spacious and bright, fire-fighting facilities, the temperature at 0-35 ℃, relative humidity at 40-75%, should be avoided in the rainy and wet, haze, snow, dust storms and other harsh climates construction to prevent causing film defects.
6. The construction workers should wear respiratory protection, wear gloves, wear protective clothing. Such as nausea, vomiting, coma and other conditions, should be stopped immediately placing the patient in fresh air, serious medical attention immediately.
7. Fire-fighting measures: CO2 fire extinguishers, dry powder extinguisher are suit for car paint..

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