JinWei anticorrosive coating acrylic paint automobile paint production

Colored acrylic automotive paint

Paint main components:

The product is composed of senior paints acrylic resin, pigments, additives and solvents is hydroxy component, an aliphatic isocyanate component of another two-component self-dry paint.

Paint key features:

Excellent weather resistance;
Decorative film good performance (plump bright, high hardness);
Good chemical resistance;
Gloss, color retention excellent performance;
High adhesion, good mechanical properties.
The main purpose for the various types of transport vehicles is construction machinery, advanced equipment and other requirements of high-grade surface decoration items, especially suitable for outdoor use.
Specifications Film appearance: film is smooth, standard color model
Fineness: ≤15μm
Drying time: the standard thickness of single coating, 25 ℃,
Table dry ≤2h, hard work ≤48h
Gloss: (60 °) light: ≥90 °,
Matte: Agreed (20 ° ~ 80 °)
Pencil Hardness: ≥HB
Adhesion: ≤1 (grid method, class)
Cupping test: ≥4mm
Bending test: ≤2mm
Water resistance: 240h
Gasoline resistance: 24h
Weather: accelerated aging BN04-1,800h; BN04-3,1000h;
Loss of light ≤1, chalking ≤1
Packing 4 kg / offices and 18 kg / hall.
Basic parameters Ratio: BN04-1, BN04-3 paints: H-11 curing agent = 4: 1 (weight ratio)
Construction time: 8h, (25 ℃)
Theoretical amount: 100 ~ 150g / m2
Suggested painting number two painting (wet by wet),
Dry film thickness of 55 ± 5μm
Matching paint S53-31 colored polyurethane anti-rust primer,
H06-2 epoxy ester primer,
S06-16 colored polyurethane intermediate layer of paint.

 Automotive paint Details:

Polyurethane finish painted surface treatment to achieve a solid base surface clean, no oil all dirt, dust, etc., apply the base surface without acid, alkali or moisture condensation, Application of sandpaper clear, can after coating topcoat.
Airless spray coating method: Thinner: JW acrylic automotive paint thinner
Dilution rate: 0 to 15% (by weight paint)
Nozzle diameter: about 0.4 ~ 0.5mm
Discharge pressure: 15 ~ 20Mpa
Air Spray: Thinner: JW acrylic automotive paint thinner
Dilution rate: 20 to 50% (by weight paint)
Nozzle diameter: about 1.8 ~ 2.5mm
Discharge pressure: 0.3 ~ 0.5Mpa
Roller / Brush: Thinner: JW acrylic automotive paint thinner
Dilution rate: 0 to 20% (by weight paint)
Shelf life Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place, paint a year, a curing agent for six months.

Car paint Note:

1. Pre-read the instructions before construction;
2. Before using the paint and curing agent ratio adjusted as required, how much distribution, stir use, used within 8 hours;
3. The construction process kept dry and clean, is strictly prohibited contact with water, acids, alcohols, bases and the like; with paint hardener drums must reclose avoid gelling;
4. during construction and dry, relative humidity not greater than 85% shall be 7 days before delivery of the product after coating.

 Automotive Paint statement:

The above paint product information and data is based on our testing and actual use of the experience accumulated, as a construction reference. For we do not know the circumstances under construction carried out, I can only guarantee the quality of the paint itself, the problem will not be responsible for other aspects of the present specification, we will be modified in accordance with the continuous improvement of product ownership. Technical indicators paint products to our official final paint inspection technology standards prevail.

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