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Priced at wholesale Jin Wei automotive refinish 2K two-component automotive paint orange

This product is a water-based resin coating, non-toxic, can be sprayed, a layer of solid elastomeric protective layer is formed after drying, with superior rust, noise, impact resistance and other features that make the bottom of the car's rubber and metal completely isolated from water vapor corrosion and gravel impact, improve traffic safety. Is the world famous manufacturers designated professional high-grade chassis protective products for a long time.

Product Features:

And chassis attachment can be long-lasting, does not crack, not falling
Provide good protection against rust and corrosion
Providing an aqueous coating, to prevent flying rocks and gravel
Excellent sound and heat insulation effect, improving driving comfort
Nanotechnology, environmental health, green non-toxic
Odor smaller and more environmentally friendly, but relatively slow dry
Packing: 1L / 2L / 20L
Color: black / gray

Automotive car paint details:

Automotive car paint spray is a protective film on the car, it is a coating, so that the body is not easy to corrosion, it is giving a beautiful evaluate different air paint have different effects, as well as paint its own problems and technology, but also to have a good painting environment is essential. Most owners spend more energy to your beautiful car, because it is their individuality way. The main features of car paint performance: film fullness, high gloss, high hardness, good adhesion, the film has excellent mechanical properties, excellent gloss retention, weather ability, abrasion resistance, good acid and alkali resistance to alcohol, gasoline-resistant properties,

Automotive paint classification

Automotive paint is divided into categories: the main component of common paint resin, pigments and additives; metallic paint more aluminum, so the future looks bright completion; pearl paint is added Mica; Mica is very gorgeous effect. If the varnish layer plus metallic paint, paint is dazzling looks.

Color paints

Pearl silver spray paint spray points three times: first pass of spraying mist, go faster than the speed gun, so that the repair area or the whole car is like a thin mist-like spray paint in the paint with adhesive film. Second pass spray painted or covered in red putty ash layer, showing color, be careful not to have silver paint stains, flooding and other problems, take the gun slightly faster speed. Third time spraying is generated when correcting pigmentation and other second pass spray coating uneven. Overall, the region is need to repair or cover the whole car color uniform standard.


1 can spray varnish, spray paint and other post-flash-5 ~ 15min, so that part of solvent evaporation, coating becomes dry after spraying, finger lightly touches the film without stained color. If the paint surface is rough or prevent dust. Available dust cloth and wipe the side while blowing compressed air. After degreaser degreasing (referred to in the industry except oil degreasing).

2, the first pass varnish sprayed with mist based not spray too thick to be able to appear slightly shiny degree spray gun speed can be slightly faster.

3, the second time the paint spraying coat is ornamental, emitting brightness; Pay attention to the flatness, luster. In return (return) spraying methods overlap, gun running paint using normal or slightly slower speed.

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