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Basic parameters

Material:                          epoxy
Origin:                             Guangzhou
Packing:                          fast up painting
Model:                              NSM Jin Wei series
Name:                             Nottaway cards quickly fill paint
Use:                                 fast car up painting
Scope:                             all types of car paint up fast
Quantity:                          30,000 tons
Weight:                           1kg,5 kg
Brand:                              Nottaway
Custom processing:    yes

Detailed description

 "Fast car paint repair equipment price" Description:

 In current market conditions, it quickly began to fill the paint has been improved and a large area in the country to promote, then quickly up painting in the end what is it? Next we will quickly fill multiple angles paint Full description:

What is a quick touch-up painting

The so-called fast fill paint means such as depth scratch oxide yellow, sand abrasion injuries for local damage car paint on a local fast repair, and make the repair restored to the original effect without the slightest color interface Happening.

 Fast car up painting description:

Fast car up painting car backcourt is currently relatively hot one automotive beauty conservation technology. Its roots that it has broken the traditional touch-up painting process complicated, long operating cycle, up painting effect instability and other shortcomings. Current rapid up painting use UV searchlight up fast way. That is the speed of light using quick-drying varnish with UV lamp searchlight ways which can not afford to make the perfect effect is stable and can achieve high-speed and efficient results. EC-up painting process complicated, long operating cycle, unstable fill paint effect, waste of resources and other shortcomings.

The rapid development trend up paint:

Currently on the market, quick touch-up painting of a growing market share. Is expected this summer, will replace the traditional touch-up painting. Rapid repairing paint will become the mainstream of auto market after the project. Whether traditional or quick fill up painting paint, craft techniques are after a car market, but the rapid development of high-speed up painting will also be a hot topic after the car market. Paint usually takes up a morning or several hours Times will no longer exist. With the increase in car ownership, how many owners are willing to spend a lot of time to wait for a scratch paint repair it?

  Fast up painting Equipment:

Fast up painting equipment is divided into four, namely 1.0 caliber gun, high-speed polishing machine, dry mill, instead of the oven as well as the speed of light paint room lamp. Among them, 1.0 caliber gun was chosen is because the more small caliber can achieve more rapid drying effect, with the thrill of varnish can do more with less. High-speed polishing machine can be speeded it reach up to 4500 rev / min, to adapt to a wider range. Dry mill machine use the first dry film technology, the grinding easier, with different sandpaper better. The speed of light the lamp using the latest technology spectrum curing, curing speed, easy to operate, highly mobile, with guns and fast varnish, can reach 7 seconds curing, two minutes can be polished waxed haste. And the effect can not afford better.

 Fast up painting equipment supplies price:

 The four fast up painting equipment price is not high, a total of only USD1500 it. More affordable, this is not just a set of equipment can be used to quickly touch-up painting, but also completely refurbished for headlight repair and restoration of basic hub. Can be said that the current market project process after all the cars in the most cost-effective set of equipment. General market lot repair business when choosing one of these three projects will be passing on two other projects, which is not related consumption, but on the kind of market risk aversion means a device three technologies.

Fast up painting equipment technology manufacturers:

Fast up painting technology is relatively hot item, then where can I learn? If you want to learn technology, I am afraid not spend a twenty thousand, it is difficult to learn it. Guangzhou Jin Wei to provide our clients with a generous platform for the country to join the free investment, free training. In Guangzhou Jin Wei, you only need to set the price of the device will be able to learn three technical projects, permanently free to join the study period.

Jinwei give you the characteristics of the project also to bring you more of a brand protection. Guangzhou Jin Wei will also be a more perfect after-sales service and technical services to provide a spacious road to wealth for every customer Jin Wei. Jin Wei will try to become more customers behind every strong backing.

Using the methods and precautions:

A product is suitable for outdoor metal, wood protection and decorative objects painting and dry surfaces.
2 Standard: marked on the product certification.
Please refer to the company's use of the first 3: "Product Manual"
Be sure to use the paint stirring first uniform.
It must be required to be coated with a surface treatment before dance 5 Use a clean.
6 After the lid open, if the crust removed first.
7 If the paint brush twice, and so must first pass completely dry before brushing.
8 product shelf life of one year, beyond the time limit, the absence of significant changes in paint quality can still be used.

Safety Precautions:

A product is manufactured according to the standard inspection, this product prior to use through a rigorous testing and inspection, which does not comply with standard or test do not use, you can contact the company in line with standard or customized product inspection standards.
2 Product is flammable, transportation and construction can not be near the fire source, not collision, extrusion.
3 Product containing harmful, irritating gas composition, the construction should be well ventilated condition construction should take safety measures for ventilation, according to national norms related to the construction of hazardous chemicals operation.
4 unused paint, the lid must be tightly closed, out of the bucket Do not misplacing, should be placed out of reach of children.


For your safety, do not smoke during the construction, in case of danger, please take timely and effective measures. Long-distance transport, not more than overlapping place to prevent the occurrence of leakage bumps. If your construction is completed, place the empty bucket handle to the garbage station, do not throw.
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