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Paint is very important for the car, car paint is the equivalent of "skin", if the skin has been damaged, we can imagine how much the impact of the car, which will make people feel the body not shiny, lost highlights . The car paint scratches how to repair? What car painting process?

Automotive paint classification

Metallic paint

Summary: On the street, we often see some beautiful cars. In addition to the shape of the car is very attractive, the most important thing is the color of the car was robed the eye. Currently, the market's most popular car paint is our metallic paint. Sprayed with metallic paint the surface of the car was glamorous. Then what kind of a metallic paint is it? It is ordinary paint what is so special compared to? Have a look at it.

Metallic paint: What is the difference between metallic paint metallic paint and normal paint

First, what is the metallic paint

Metallic paint is paint inside the added metal powder is commonly used in automotive paint spray paint. Because adding a metal powder paint coating the surface in the car, the car looks golden. People feel very novel, there is style. This gold shining light, can improve the car, or grade related buildings. You can fully demonstrate the noble, beautiful temperament. Therefore, metallic paint very popular.

 Second, metallic paint characteristics and uses

Film hard, metallic paint is a major feature. So after metallic paint coated object, not easy to be scratched. Metallic paint, there is a good UV resistance. This is very good way, for those driving outdoors friends, cars can also play a preventive effect against UV it. In addition, this car paint is highly resistant to corrosion, which greatly improves the coating life. In addition to use in the car, the metallic paint is also suitable for plastic, metal, wood and other materials of the external walls of protection overlay.

 Third, the comparison of common paint with metallic paint

1, the surface of metallic paint is harder. Because this paint inside doped metal component, so that the hardness of the paint has been increased, the paint becomes harder. Hard finish for the car can reflect the layering of automobile bodies. Making the car look more three-dimensional the whole shape to get extra points.

2, and "prime paint," the difference is that the paint color is more pure. Prime paint the most typical color is black, red, white, and so on. These silver paints added, showing the color changes too. For example, carbon black will become black, red would turn burgundy. Such a large difference in color is not acceptable to many consumers.

For what is metallic paint this issue, I believe we all know the answer to it. In fact, any product has its unique development will be able to get longer. Metallic paint, although very versatile, but it is more suited for automotive topcoats. Because the car‘s beautiful is needed metallic paint to improve. Atmospheric, gorgeous, glittering car run on the road should be very eye-catching it.

1. The whole car clean, dry touch.

2. Find the entire vehicle body oil defective places, such as pits, nest, wave pattern, off, off paint parts rust parts.

3. Hang requires repair machine repair sheet metal with plastic. If wheel angle, lines, arcs where reducing repair, processing, paint before construction.

4. Requests the sheet metal construction before construction has impeded local demolition.

5. Plastic car body parts were attached paper tape protection. Such as headlights grille trim glass and the like.

6. Body defective place with 60 # paper or use a dry grinding mill on 40 # paper mill in dry wipe dry mill head, the defective place polished feather edge.

7. Blow gun or with a wet towel will return all clean.

8. The sheet metal with scraper tool coating for the first time, every time don't too thick coating. Note: only need to bare blade coating iron parts, all bare iron parts must be covered.

9. Scratch putty II child, every child must achieve II Putty knife coating smooth, do not scratch too thick each, after Calibrating with infrared heat lamp baking, not too tight when baking, to maintain a certain distance, after dried, you can use the water mill and dry mill grinding two methods. Terrazzo with 60 # paper Tobe water, polished with a special plate. Dry grinding dry sanding disc with 40 # sandpaper dry grinding head at a uniform speed grinding, grinding time must be by hand put his hand straight back and forth repeatedly feel there is no depressions, if there is a second breath draw down.

10. Before scratch a second time, the water on body surface, clean the dust. Secondary draw down method like above.

11. In Putty sanding are very strict, very critical. Use your eyes with hands close cooperation in order to achieve the desired effect.

12. Body Putty all imperfections after finished up, strict inspection to achieve exactly the same with the original body of the vehicle before spraying primer. There are anywhere below standard, not construction primer, can be conducted in the future to meet the requirements primer construction.

13. When spraying primer, the body of the vehicle where there is water with a water gun to blow dry the car body, did not do home construction can not abuse the next step. NOTE :( especially car body seal with anti-rub of the most likely to have water. Frontal construction closer inspection, quality problems should prevent anti-worker).

14. Previous rigorous completed, ongoing care paste, paste protective material is now used in newspaper and tape and special cover paper. According to the present with the requirements, 4S stores generally do not newspapers, are used in automotive-specific masking paper strict, standardized care stickers. In the attached nursing process, there can be no construction workers are careless, careless. After the completion of nursing paste, can be a primer construction.

15. The spray paint spray paint base, requires constant practice marksmanship, tactics. Basic skills spraying: spray gun and the body must be a vertical line. When spray paint, not too much pressure, typically 3-4pa pressure. Guns can not go into the arc.

16. after spraying primer, with the gun and banana diluent clean water, to its original position.

17. After a good spray primer, the vehicle body to remove all the masking paper, masking paper that can not be reused, after removing thrown into the designated locations, are not allowed to leave around the image and affect plant operations.

18. Automotive car paint primer is infrared drying in red lights and paint drying room it can be polished after the cooling.
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