Automotive car paint characteristic

Automotive car paint made of acrylic resin, pigments, fillers, and organic solvents.
This product is a solid system, good mirror effect, durable gloss, bright color, easy construction, high hardness, excellent resistance to chemicals, acid and alkali resistance to alcohol, gasoline oil, cold and heat resistance is good, excellent mechanical properties and adhesion, coating hard, with excellent polishing performance, volatile fast drying, suitable for dry and low temperature baking,
It is suitable for automotive, mechanical equipment, outdoor advertising, etc.

Matching product primer:
1. It is high adhesion and anti rust primer, steel structure anti rust especially good. It can play the effect of forever rust. (It is white gray color)
2. Have epoxy primer used in galvanized tube, stainless steel, iron, aluminum products for the end of the energy to finish off, can not afford to shell special advantages. This is a very important base for most customers, and it is very important to base material and matching primer.
3. 1k grey primer suit to the rust products, easy sanding, firmly, can play a bright smooth finish.
Auxiliary paint curing agent and diluent:
Suitable base material
The completely polished and clean the paint (including wet on wet process), the original factory paint or intact paint surface, have been spraying isolating layer soft bottom material.
12-18 ℃ 18-24 ℃
Pure oil 100 pure color oil 100
XD-460 quick drying agent 25 XD-460 dry agent 25
General thinner 30-50 copies of general thinner 30-50 copies

Mixing ratio
25-30 ℃ 30-40 ℃
Pure oil 100 pure color oil 100
XD-460 standard dry agent 25 XD-460 slow dry agent 25
Slow dry diluent 30-50 copies of slow dry diluent 30-50

Available time
Q- 180 (drying): 2 hours, 20 ℃
Q- 180 (standard or slow dry): 4 hours, 20 ℃
Spray coating
2-3 layer, a total of 50-70 microns
Time interval
5-10 minutes, 20 ℃
Spraying tool and air pressure
Gravity type spray gun (upper pot)  1.2-1.5MM 3-5KG/CM2
Suction type spray gun (bottom pot)  1.4-1.7MM 3-5KG/CM2

Temperature does not touch the dust can be touched completely dry solid
Dry fixation time
20 ℃ 30 minutes 2-3 hours 24 hours
60 ℃ 5 minutes 10 minutes 40 minutes
Storage duration
The original tank cover can be stored for more than two years, the storage temperature of 20 DEG C
1 liter, 4 liters canned
Automotive car paint construct requirement
1, Bottom of the car must be cleaned, no oil and no clean. It can be used for pickling, phosphate or white oil, solvent cleaning and other programs.
2, The special material of the bottom to be to spray a layer of anti rust primer, note strong solvent paint without the use of weakly soluble primer, and the primer is dry spray paint, otherwise may bite bottom. Supporting the use of the company's primer is a plus.
3, construction viscosity is generally 16-22 seconds (4 cups). The viscosity is too low to sagging, bad cover; high, flow adjustment, wrinkles, even foaming pitting.
4, air pressure should be maintained at 0.5pa-0.8pa, to ensure good spray automatically, in order to avoid the phenomenon of oil, floating, the gun away from the 25-30cm is appropriate.
5, spraying should be sprayed more times, according to the first, after the first face, the main visual surface, after the first in the order of spraying. If the coating thickness is too thin for the last time, the paint film material is little and there is no flow flat, so that the film can not be lost.
Attention to the automotive car paint
1 this product should be evenly mixed before use
2 this product must be in proportion to the deployment, or there will be a film is not dry or too fragile phenomenon
3 this product is good after the deployment must be used up within four hours, otherwise the film will appear the phenomenon of loss of light
4 this automotive car paint product is extremely sensitive to water, the deployment of the water can not be mixed with paint
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