Automotive car paint product composition

Automotive car paint are main composed of synthetic polymer resins, pigments, dry materials, additives and other components.
The main characteristics of automotive car paint:
Film has plump gloss, excellent durability, both fast baking at a lower temperature deposition, but also in the air-dried film.
Recommended use
Designed for surface coating paint on a variety of cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, and other high-end products.
Reference Index
Paint color: color card or agreed
Film appearance: light, smooth
Drying time
  Tack / h: ≤1
  Real dry / h: ≤24
  Drying (60-70 ℃): ≤0.5

Automotive car paint t surface treatment
All was clear before the oil film on the road, dust, acid-free and moisture condenses on the film, the film is clean and dry.

Automotive car paint coating conditions
Suitable coating environment: temperature 15 ~ 35 ℃, humidity ≤85%, the substrate temperature ≤50 ℃, and higher than the dew point above 3 ℃, wind ≤3 level.
Outdoor construction should avoid rain, fog and sand case should be considered sooner or later dew factor.
When the substrate temperature is below 0 ℃ or humidity greater than 85%, the construction is not recommended.
Under normal circumstances, the coating film after the coating should not rain within 16 hours.

Automotive car paint coating method
It can be high-pressure airless spray, air spray and the like.

Automotive car paint matching paint
Front-matching paint to putty primer, D21-04 gray automotive paint and two quick-drying putty putty.

Automotive car paint coating recommendations
We recommend dry film thickness ≥50 μm, 1 to 2 coating.
Spray a medium thickness can be the first film when sprayed, wait a moment, then let a part of solvent evaporation when sprayed but still sticky second track, that wet the wet spray.
This product can be used with curing agent deployment using 4:1 volume ratio to improve film properties.
With enhancer paint finish can not be heated or thermal spraying.
With paint enhancer must run within 10 hours, in order to avoid wastage gelation.
Easy to react with humid air enhancers, so enhancer packaging should be sealed to protect against wet deterioration.

Automotive car paint Storage
You must be in accordance with HG / T2458-93 "paint product testing, transportation and storage General" to.
The product should be stored in closed ventilated, dry place away from direct sunlight, should be stored at ambient temperature 0 ~ 35 ℃.
Products effective storage period is 12 months. It exceeds the effective storage period, according to the product standard items for inspection, if the results meet the requirements, the product can still be used.

Automotive car paint Health and Safety
It Must obey to relevant national standards and procedures for painting safety.
In a well ventilated environment, to avoid inhalation of mist and avoid skin contact. Spillage on the skin should immediately be rinsed with a suitable cleaning agent and water. Eyes should be well flushed with water and seek immediate medical attention.
For more information on the health and safety and precautions, please ask for the company's "Material Safety Data Sheet."

Automotive car paint product specification information provided, our knowledge based on laboratory testing and practical experience, the use of the user range may be beyond our knowledge and control, specific use, please be specific test case, we can not
This product is guaranteed under any conditions results.
Jinwei automotive car paint for compensation for any loss, damage resulting from the use of its products produced or caused (including product quality or negligence), only within the scope of the purchase price of the product, and does not include indirect or consequential loss of some users.
The above data are subject to change by the company on the latest automotive car paint specification shall prevail, without notice, at a not entirely welcome.
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