Anti-static anti-corrosion epoxy automotive car paint

Composition: epoxy resin, conductive pigment,conductive agent, auxiliary agent. Mixed curing agent. When used in accordance with the provisions of the proportion of mixed, fully uniform after the specified time spent.
Characteristics: paint desert adhesion force is strong, good sealing, solid wear-resistant with excellent oil resistance and anti-corrosion properties. Can withstand the long-term immersion in heavy oil, light oil and crude oil, and has anti-static properties, will be generated due to friction electrostatic derived in line with the requirements of the specification of GB13348 - 92 "liquid petroleum products electrostatic safety rules".
Uses: applicable to effectively dissipate static charge of pipeline and oil, coating on the inner wall of the tank, anti-static oil resistant corrosion topcoats

Quality index:
Items Indicators
Original paint state Binder flowing slurry, the curing agent is a liquid
Color and appearance Iron red, gray, black
Drying time Surface dry h≤
      Hard work h≤
Fineness, um ≤ 100 primer, paint (black ash 40 to 100)
Adhesion level ≤ 2
Flexibility, mm ≤ 1
Impact strength, 50
Conductive properties: volume resistance Ω.m ≤
Surface resistance Ω ≤
Matching paint corrosion test: immersed in the medium following year (two finish at the end of the respective coating, the total thickness of 200 microns or more)

Crude oil, gasoline 120, 10% caustic soda, 10% sulfuric acid
No significant changes in the film

Parameters and reference of automotive car paint:
Formulation weight ratio Based paint: curing agent = 4: 1 (when there is a change in packaging weight basis)
Pot life 6 hours
Mixed Density 1.15 to 1.30 kg / liter
Flash point 27 ℃
Each road paint film thickness 50 micron dry film, wet film 105 to 115 microns.
Theoretical amount of paint (ie: without any loss amount) 0.13 to 0.14 kg / m 2 (dry film 50 microns)
Suggested painting number Finish at the end of each 2 ~ 3
Recoat time After 16 hours, more than three days should be polished
Matching paint First coated H54-83 primer 2 ~ 3
Reapply paint H54-33 2 to 3
Surface treatment Road paint or coating on the surface should be dry and free of grease and dust.
Construction environment Substrate temperature above the dew point above 3 ℃, relative humidity of 85% or less, rain and snow and temperatures below 5 ℃ not construction.
Coating Method Spray, roller, brush.
Thinner (please use our matching diluent) X-7. 5 ~ 10%
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