Jinwei automotive car paint color paint series

Acrylic resin, light pigments, special anti-aging aids, additives and solvents made by grinding, two-component packaging.

Features of Car Paint:
1. paint shiny and plump, strong adhesion, good mechanical properties;
2. has excellent chemical resistance and excellent weathering resistance;
3. fast drying, ambient-drying, easy construction, with a variety of rust, corrosion primer supporting the use of a wide range of applications.
Fast drying, good weather resistance, high hardness, strong adhesion, paint film, good film overall performance, according to customer demand production. It does not contain toxic, harmful heavy metals, in line with export environmental certificate, SGS standards. Decorative good, high gloss, high hardness, paint film, with good weather, gloss retention.

Scope car paint: all kinds of metal products,and for gloss,color retention, high weather resistance requirements.

Applicable to the corrosion resistance of equipment, such as ships, bridges, construction machinery and equipment, loaders, rollers, cranes, forklifts, construction and earth moving vehicles other steel products for outdoor facilities.
Painting by:
Brush, roller coating, spray coating
Product Specifications: 5L / barrel

Construction Technology of Car Paint:

1, the working environment, equipment requirements and are coated surface treatment requirements:

1), spray environment should be cleaned with a good ventilation to the device can not be stored in the dust flying in the construction and environment;
2) air compressor produces gas should be effectively treated water separator, etc.,to ensure the quality of spraying gas;
3), suggested the use of 1.5-2.0mm in diameter around the gun,the construction is completed should be cleaned;
4), the surface to be coated should be dry, smooth, no oil, rust, oxide, dust and the like. The finish should be sprayed onto a surface sprayed with primer.
Theoretical amount:
130-160 g / m2 / Road
Dry film thickness:
25-35 micron / Road

Ratio of Car Paint:

A: B = 2: 1, with drums certificate shall prevail.

Mixed Note:

First, stir Part A, while stirring slowly adding Part B and diluents, stirring for several minutes after the addition was complete, to be fully activated coatings, curing about 10 minutes can be used. Brushing construction, the amount should be on duty, with what you use, to avoid wastage. When summer construction, mixing good paint if thickening phenomenon, should be added to the diluent to run out.
Diluent and the dilution ratio:
HB-730 special thinner, dilution ratio 3-5%
Time of application:
23 ± 2 ℃ 4 hours
Coating interval:
23 ± 2 ℃ Shortest 20 minutes, up to 1 hour

Suggested painting number:

It can be set with an epoxy-based distribution apply.

Precautions of Automotive Car Paint:

1), before the coating application 200 mesh strainer to the deployment of a good paint has been filtered;
2), spraying the paint should not be too large, take the gun to be uniform, should be used to carry out channel thin spray method;
3) adding a curing agent paint should be used within 4 hours, to avoid gelling waste;
4), the product should be placed in a well-ventilated, cool and dry place;
5),the production date see the barrel label, shelf life of two years.

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