Jinwei high quality series automobile (car) paint

Jinwei senior automotive car paint color mixing system is composed of 200 species of master batch can allocate plain colored paint, paint, pearl silver paint, etc., the most popular crystal pearls with special effect such color also.
Jinwei senior automotive car paint system color is accurately fast, flexible and convenient, easy to operate. To cope with the numerous and diverse new car color, you just need a few color master inventory stock, can satisfy the needs of users of color, no need to worry about a lot of color is unable to allocate and, you only need a very short time training to master paint things, so jinwei senior automotive car paint color mixing system is especially suitable for paint shop, fast joined chains and senior auto 4S shop.

Jinwei senior automotive car paint all of the master batch color mixing system through rigorous testing to ensure the weather ability reached more than 3 years, all the white series and the resin is added anti-UV additives, make our customers more at ease to use.
Jinwei senior automotive car paint color mixing system deployment of the paint cost is not high. It is not by any of the intermediate links you can get the cost price. You can spend a small amount of costs can be very beautiful, the highest weather ability long car paint.
Jinwei senior automotive car paint color mixing system used is simple, low cost and good quality. Never learned to paint (no color blindness lubricious weak) can learn operation within 10 days.
If you are interested in investment fast car repair shop and want to make their own fast repair shop quality is stable, low production costs, inventory pressure is small, please choose jinwei senior automotive car paint color mixing system as soon as possible;
If you have many years of experience in painting is the chef, you have plans to open a belong to myself fast repair shop and hope soon master paint technology, with low cost and high quality materials to entrepreneurship, please choose jinwei senior automotive car paint color mixing system as soon as possible;
If you are 4 s station after-sales manager, you want to do to help your boss to reduce costs and ensure that won't affect the quality, do you want to give your boss looking at your report every month is happy with the feeling that you are really help him help enterprises create benefits, please select jinwei senior automotive car paint color mixing system as soon as possible
Jinwei senior automotive car paint color mixing system usage summary:
A, preparation before operation
1. When you buy our car paint color mixing system after carefully check whether each product is complete in accordance with the list
2. The first in the studio to find a dry place convenient to paint the car hopper hanging on the wall
3. All the car paint color card are been according to the model with the distribution of the stainless steel ring wear and hung on the color box
4. Take out the distribution of the wheeler car color query system CD according to the formula query software installed on your computer
5. Prepare some better quality disposable plastic cups or other container jar as paint
6. Installation and debugging good small electronic said used for paint
7. You also must be ready to wipe with cotton cloth or paper towels, car lacquer paint ruler, solvents, and so on
B, pick up car
1. When you been received need to repair a car, please notice whether the car didn't do it at a large amount of repair or steam
2. Determine the color of the surrounding parts of the car need repair parts whether car or the original color
3. If is the use of color mixing oil must be carefully controlled the color of the cap and in need of repair parts around the color is uniform, never took his caps and toning
C, looking for original color check formula
1. You must think of some way to find the touch-up automobile factory sign, because all original color number on the sign
2. According to the lubricious number you find in the already installed on a computer to find color formula
Original of the car color usually has several formulas 
Because of different years each batch factory car paint color will be some color difference
Found in the formulation of a few color do you think one of the most appropriate formula
Each recipe has a representative color change English letters, you are judged by the chosen

C standard color S according to the original color plate production formula  
B blue B lack of blue B blue
D deeper D deep, dark, black  
G more green G lack of green  
L more shallow L shallow  
R more red R lack of red R red
S high chrome S low chrome  
Y more yellow Y lack of yellow Y yellow
L more course particles L more finer particles  

3. Choose a good recipe you can according to the amount you need input "paint mixing amount" column after you want to color formula
4. Here you must pay attention to your choice or incremental formula ratio is net content
Finish this decision every time you add a color whether mother must take electronic says to zero
5. Before you start adding master batch and necessary evaluation to confirm whether the formula of the main master batch again with the same color of the stay for car paint
D, Mixed the paint
1). All the pigment and the resin in the formulation to withdraw from the mother color box
2). The applicator master batch are fully shaking evenly, in case of pigment precipitation
3). Put the paint cup on the electronic scale and open the electronic says confirm to zero
4). According to the formula of the first to add the resin in a paint glass one by one in sequence to add pigment
5). Add the all color with minor paint ruler queen to fully stir well
Such is you need senior automotive car paint has completed.
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