Special characteristic of high hardness water based automotive car paint

Car paint film is bright, tough and durable;
It is dry fast, good gloss, high hardness, polishing, grinding;
It is water resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance;
It is good weather resistance, heat resistance and good adhesion
It is technical parameter:

Car paint construction viscosity: 17-18 seconds (4/20 DIN C)
Gravity Gun: 1.6-1.8 mm 4 bar 3x
Flash dry time: 10 minutes /20
Drying time: 20 hours /20 C; 30 minutes /60
High hardness special water-based automotive car paint is a hot curing one component coating, due to the addition of high performance resin, a sheet-like activity of ultrafine metal powder and micro nano material, giving the coating more superior performance. 
High hardness of special automotive car paint belonged to bottom and coating, do not need to spray primer. Advantages: can be diluted with water, environmental protection, smell a faint; and the metal substrate and has a very good adhesion and impact resistance, high surface hardness, aging resistance, do not change color, thin film, the bad atmospheric conditions with other coatings can not go beyond the ability to resist the corrosion of (with the same thickness and corrosion resistance ability more than hot dip galvanized), acid and alkali corrosion resistance of paint film, film uniformity, with metallic luster, good decorative.
Automotive car paint is for a variety of metal materials, ultra long anti corrosion protection. Through the various indicators of detection, is extremely superior performance of the water environmental protection heavy anti-corrosion paint.
Automotive car paint can also be used for a variety of metal materials surface high performance coating, very suitable for vehicles, home appliances, decorative materials, corrosion resistant materials, anti-aging materials, such as the surface treatment of the industry.
1, the appearance of silver white
2, particle size of <4 mum
3, viscosity Tu -4 cup, 15 degrees, 65 + 5S; kinematic viscosity, 15 degrees Celsius, 227 + 10mPa.s
4, solid content is more than 65%
5, dry film thickness (not diluted) 30-40 mu m (two times)
6, the flexibility is less than or equal to 1mm GB1731-79
7, impact resistance of GB1732-79 >50kg/cm2
8, adhesion <1 level GB1720-79
9, hardness (pencil hardness tester) >5H
10, acid salt spray test (thickness of 10 mu m) spray 12h, stop 12h, so the cycle of 7 days after the plate coating no change.
11 and high temperature tests of salt (10 m thickness) and 95 DEG C. 3% NaOH, NaCl, after 1.5h, dissolution of metal particles, coating lit, steel rust.
12, 10% hydrochloric acid test (thickness 10 m) under normal temperature, 2h no reaction.
13, shelf life of 6 months (storage temperature <25 C, cool)
Pre-treatment and coating process requirements for automotive car paint:
It is best to adopt zinc phosphorus pretreatment process;
Magnesium, aluminum materials using chromium free oxidation treatment process;
Copper, zinc and other materials use chromium-free treatment
Make sure that the metal surface before painting no rust, oxidation layer and oil pollution
Ingredient reference data for automotive car paint:
Dilution ratio (volume): coating: diluent =1: (0.5-2)
Diluent preparation: de ionized water: ethanol (95%) =1: (2.5-4)
Construction viscosity: T-4 cup, 30s or so, according to the technical requirements and temperature environment, etc..
Coating thickness: viscosity (T-4 cup) 25-30s, 10-15, M.
Automotive car paint paint curing parameters:
Curing temperature is 160.
Cure time: 15-20 minutes.
If you need two coating, the first drying temperature 130 degrees, drying time 15 minutes.
you can use brush, spray, roll coating or dip coating method for construction. With good paint should be slow to prevent sedimentation.
In the case of non oxidation, the metal surface does not have to dry, can be wet coating.
When automotive car paint can not bake with curing, the need to use and curing agent, the proportion of curing agent is generally 8-12% paint, according to the situation of self. The corrosion resistance of the coating is slightly decreased with the curing agent.
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