Jinwei Green Eco- Friendly High Quality 1k 2k Car Paint

Composition of automotive (car) paint products: acrylic resin, colored paint, curing agent, additives, mixture etc.

Automotive (car) paint products characteristics: two-component, senior body of single layer system repair paint, with high hardness, good gloss, cover good, construction is convenient and excellent performance characteristics, widely used in automotive and other industrial applications.

Porject Index Test Method
the state of the material in the container No foreign body, no lumps, uniform liquid is easy to play GB3186.4
viscosity (coated -4 cup) 25 degrees C, S 100 GB1723
dry film is less than or equal to M 40 micron GB1750
drying time is less than 25 DEG min dry table
Table dry 25 C H
Action 25 degrees C H
Drying 60 degrees C H
More than gloss (60 degrees) 90 GB9754
adhesion (Cross-cut test) level less than or equal to 1 GB1720
More than pencil hardness HB GB6739
flexibility (bending test) mm 2 GB1731
Mm = cup test 3 GB9753
oil resistance 4H Do not blister, do not wrinkle, do not fall off, allow a slight discoloration GB9274
resistance to damp heat resistance 96h No bubbles GB1740
artificial accelerated aging (800H) (equivalent to 24 months of natural climate in Guangzhou region) No obvious cracks, allowing slight discoloration after polishing gloss loss rate is less than or equal to 30% GB1865

Automotive (car) paint construction technology:
A) volume ratio for: car paint, curing agent, thinner = 2:1:0. 3:0.4: 0.5.
B) spray pressure is 0.4 ~ 0.5 mpa.
C) spraying viscosity at 23 ℃ about 14 ~ 16 seconds (2 - 4 cups).
D) spraying method: the first layer thin spray, wet shot crete, the second and third layer spacing between 5 ~ 10 minutes.
Drying time: surface dry after drying, 30 minutes at 80 DEG C, low baking temperature, baking time should be extended accordingly.
Guangzhou Jinwei automotive (car) paint to solve all the problems encountered in the use of customers in the process, think customers want to worry about the urgent, determined to provide customers with the highest quality of the atomic ash products paint.
Product list: car atomic ash is high temperature atomic ash, alloy atomic ash and used in acrylic paint, general acrylic paint.
Guangdong Jinwei 1K topcoat is senior car paint and commercial vehicle paint is high quality, double topcoat system bottom paint series, one component 1K and super black, transparent blue, transparent yellow, white and blue and so on a variety of colors.
Recommend: all the use of gold radium front matching diluent. The use of interior diluent may cause white film, effect pigments uneven, rough film defects.
Before spray paint the bottom must be dried absolutely, otherwise it will have water vapor bubble.
Wet magnetic, wet spraying needed. After spraying 1K topcoat burnish is not recommended, or may affect the color of coating after varnish.
Too hot and humid weather, the use of water and 5-10% can solve the paint whitish
Guangdong Jinwei 1K topcoat cost-effective has more advantages compared to the same grade products
The paint film is bright in color, and hard.
Has a good outdoor weathering performance
Construction convenient attention:
Guangdong Jinwei 1K paint is flammable, should be stored in a cool ventilated place, away from heat, fire, avoid direct sunlight
Take proper precautions to avoid skin and eye contact with paint, paint on the skin and rinse immediately with suitable detergent, soap and water. Application of water to the eye with water and immediately seek medical treatment.
Please pay attention to the warning signs on the packaging containers, paint spray paint when not breathing, it use appropriate protective equipment, to avoid breathing or inhalation of paint mist. Avoid skin contact
Dispose of waste paint and packaging must comply with local environmental regulations
Guangdong Jinwei 1K finishes the shelf life of two years, more than shelf-life after passing through the test can still be used, before use should be fully stirred
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