Best quality car paint plain color paint

Scope of use: widely used in automotive, signs, sculpture, mechanical equipment, amusement equipment, and other industrial fields
Usage: paint the car and other items beautiful 
According to the solvent points: paint
Color: assorted
Sheen: 92 degrees
Hardness: 6 h was not broken
Adhesion: the best test below level 1
Product process characteristics:
A two-component plain color lacquer is Jinwei coatings on the supply of a paint industry, widely used in automobile, signs, sculpture, mechanical equipment, amusement equipment, and other industries, fast drying speed, high brightness, easy construction.
Drying time of the paint:
1, the surface drying time is: 30 minutes to 20 degrees room temperature table dry;
2, thoroughly dry curing agent should be used: normally under the conditions of 20 degrees need 20 hours, 60 degrees environment requires 1 hour;
3, thoroughly dry, such as using super fast dry curing agent: 6 hours 20 degrees environment, 60 degrees environment for 30 minutes.
Using the substrate:
1, all kinds of old paint layer;
2, in surface coating of all kinds of substrate and primer
Product advantage:
The two-component industrial plain color lacquer film paint has a high brightness, good covering power, not easy fade, color is more bright-color, very convenient.
Product use of paint:
Widely used in automobile, signs, sculpture, mechanical equipment, amusement equipment, and other industrial fields.
Spraying area:
2 k industrial plain color paint spraying five or six kilograms per square area, than traditional plain color lacquer paint coating cost saving
Color of the paint:
Plain color paint according to the color sample, color card, color card gb, customize a variety of color such as pant one.

Coating preparation and construction parameters

Mix proportion of the paint 
1, original paint: WT1131 quick-drying curing agent: 1141 quick dry thinners = 100:"
2, the original paint: WT1132 standard curing agent: 1142 standard thinners = 100:"
3, the original paint: WT1133 slow dry curing agent: slow dry thinners = 100:1143"
4, the original paint: WT1157 super quick drying curing agent (winter) : quick dry thinners = 100:1141"
5, the original paint: WT1156 super quick drying curing agent (summer) : 1142/1143 slow dry thinners = 100:"
Note: before mixing must fully stirring, uniform color, lest appear due to uneven color off color.

Wet spraying 2-3 times between 5-10 minutes

Matters needing attention
Spray paint film:
1, general can 24 hours after painting
2, such as using the super quick drying curing agent can painting after 6 hours
Polishing should be:
1, spraying after 24 hours
2, use super fast dry curing agent in polishing after 6 hours
Paint up coatings on advice: when spraying paint small area, it can choose to use super quick drying varnish curing agent and can save a lot of spray drying time.
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