M-400 1K Primer Surfacer

Product Formation:Flexible alkyd resin and modified cellulose, pigments.
Performance::Fast drying, Easy sanding, Strong adhesion, High covering power、Good storage stability. 
FunctionBe used for the old paint surface and Putty surface, filling the defects on the surface and increasing the adhesion between the upper and lower layers.
Mixing RatioSHS:Thinner=100:80-100
Spray Viscosity No.4 Cup  18-20seconds/23℃
Gun Caliber Upper caliber:1.2-1.5mm
Beneath caliber:1.3-1.7mm
Spray Pressure 3-5kg/cm2    Distance:15-25cm
Spraying Times Wet-spraying 2-3 times at 5-10 minutes/20℃ intervals.
Polish time30 minutes/20℃    15 minutes/60℃ .  Be wet-grinded by 800-1000 type sand paper. 
ApplicationThe polished putty or the surface of old paint. Does not apply to stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, wood and other surface.
Storage Period 1 Year/20℃.


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