Automotive Coatings electricity supplier in urgent need of three personnel

Release date: 2018-06-18 02:22     editor: world paint news

In recent years, with the rapid rise of e-commerce, the petrochemical industry has focused its attention to this area, hoping to create enormous economic benefits through this fast internet. In this process, professional training is a key factor in winning the enterprise. Electricity providers use electronic means to carry out business activities and other information networks, realize the whole trade electronic, network, is an emerging area that requires high-tech talent as the support. The author believes that the current e-commerce in need three types of people:

 The first is the high-end electric business management personnel. Electricity supplier involving customs, finance, commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, foreign trade, management of all aspects, its application requires all concerned to establish a collaborative relationship of mutual cooperation. In this process, the overall electricity supplier wants to know, from a strategic point of view on the development of electronic business analysis and grasp the characteristics and trends of the compound talents.

The second is the practical ability of the operational personnel. This talent needs to be proficient in modern business activities, fully understand the business needs, while having sufficient knowledge of electricity supplier, is good at meeting the business needs of the electricity supplier application program. This level is a large group of people, they generally do not need too deep into the technical details involved in the electricity business, but to know how to conduct business online, how to use the network to provide convenient shortcuts to serve business activities.

Finally is to master the professional ability of the technical personnel. Such people can capture the latest progress of e-commerce technology, and have sufficient knowledge of modern business, good understanding of business needs, and can be effective technical means to be implemented, we can focus on the technical aspects of electronic commerce, such as networking, systems management , web production, development and other programs to work.

To establish such an electricity supplier personnel, we believe that there are three ways: First, the introduction of talent. The electricity business enterprises should talent and technology enterprises as an important part of the strategy, Jobs introduced a variety of initiatives, which for the future development of electronic business has great significance. Second, the government set up the stage. Local governments should increase electricity supplier personnel training support, co-ordinate the development of the annual training plan and long-term planning, training of both Chinese characteristics and comply with the world's electricity business talent. The third is to strengthen the training. Give full play to the leading role of colleges and universities in the training of talent establish a joint mechanism between enterprise and enterprise, training a number of practical ability, technology and excellent e-commerce talents.
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