Automobile beauty knowledge about car paint maintenance skills

Release date: 2018-07-19 14:01     editor: Jinwei Chemical Co., Ltd.

Waxing the surface paint of automotive is an important step in car beauty. Many owners recognize this is very one-sided, either frequent waxing, or simply do not play. Some owners believe that the more expensive the better car wax, so often use imported car wax. In fact, these practices are not appropriate. The following considerations on the choice of wax and waxing to be introduced to our friends, we want to help.

 1, all kinds of car wax and selection for automotive car paint:

 Currently, all types of car wax on the market range of both solid and liquid of the points, there are high-end and mid-range of the other, as well as domestic and imported selection. Due to a variety of different wax performance, its effects are not the same, so in the choice of wax for automotive paint must be careful, improper choice not only can not protect the body, but to make paint color. Under normal circumstances, should be considered in accordance with the role of the characteristics of the wax, the newness of the vehicle, paint colors and with environmental factors. For limousine, the choice of high-grade wax; preferably painted car wax polish to protect the body's luster and color; in the summer, it is advisable to use anti UV car wax; when the environment is poor with a protective wax resin prominent role appropriate ; while ordinary vehicles with conventional pearl or metallic paint series of wax can be. Of course, the choice of wax must also be considered with the paint color, generally dark paint selection of black, red, green series of car wax, light-colored paint choice silver, white, pearl series car wax.

    2, Notes in car waxing for automotive car paint:

 Do not wax a new car. Some people buy a new car back to the car after waxing, which is undesirable. Because the paint on the car itself has been layer of protective wax, waxing too early but will get rid of the surface of the original car wax, resulting in unnecessary waste, generally within five months of the new car does not have to rush to buy back waxing.
We must master the waxing frequency, due to the vehicle's environment, different parking places, waxing intervals should also be different. Usually there are parking garages, and more in good vehicles on the road, every 3-4 months to play a wax; open storage of vehicles, due to the wind and rain, preferably every 2-3 months to play a wax. Of course, this is not mandatory, usually by hand touch feeling of the body is not smooth it can be re-waxing.
Before waxing, it should to clean the outer body soil and dust by washing water. Remember not to blindly use detergent and soap, because of which contain sodium chloride composition will erode the body paint, wax and rubber membrane, so that loss of gloss paint, rubber aging. If there is no dedicated car washing water, clean water available vehicle, will dry the body after waxing.

It should be in the shade to the car waxing, to ensure the body will not hot. Because of the temperature rises, the wax adhesion worse, will affect the quality waxing.
When waxing, apply the right amount of wax coated sponge linear reciprocating smear on the body, can not the wax down in the car or doing graffiti-style painting circle; a continuous operation to complete, non-stop; general after the wax layer with a smooth evenly 5-10min new towels polish, but the rapid wax side coated side should be polished.

After the body waxing, the lights, license plates, doors and luggage compartment, etc. The gap will be some residual wax, to make the body look very beautiful. Wax scale these place if not clean, but also may rust. Therefore, be sure to kick down the wax dirt thoroughly cleaned, so as to get the perfect wax effect for automotive car paint surface.

In short, like a man needs beauty treatments like waxing cars also need to keep more beautiful, beautiful car surface.
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