What is automotive car paint?

Release date: 2018-05-22 00:45     editor: Jinwei Chemical Co., Ltd.

Painting process
automotive car paint is generally baked paint. Inside the depot, frame, body shell welding is completed (and sometimes manual repair), the next step is painting. General speaking, to the first primer, the light car shell immersed in syrup-like paint tank, remove the dried paint; and then into the clean room, using an electrostatic spray painting process on the finish. The drying temperature is 200 degrees. Elegant, it is a layer of varnish. Thus, the paint process and it's done. There are several general finishes: Non-metallic paintwork; metallic paint; pearl paint. No need to say common paint, resins, pigments and additives. Metallic paint more aluminum; so the future looks bright completion. Pearl paint it, join the cloud master batch. Mica is a thin piece of something, therefore, reflective directional, there is a colorful effect. If the varnish layer plus metallic paint, car paint looks very bright, very beautiful. What color, the white is undoubtedly the cheapest color. Figuratively, a world-class brand red pigment titanium dioxide than the world-class brand about 25 times more expensive; and titanium dioxide white paint in an amount of about 5 times the red pigment. Thus, the red paint used in color than white paint costs five times higher. This is why some domestic cars so little color varieties: simple and low cost.
The importance of additives
No matter what color of paint, its color will fade in the sun all the. In fact, not only paint, any color may fade in the East under the sun. In this case, paint additives which add how very important. Such as light stabilizers, antioxidants or something. Unfortunately, it is a additive expensive. In many cases, the quality of such additives determines how the paint feels. It would certainly think that some two years began to appear significantly faded paint still bright than five years, such as new paint poor. But in fact, which did not fade paint. Many times, the factory is more concerned: evenly fade, try not to make the different parts of the car chromatic aberration.
Related Categories
Automotive car paint finish, there are two:
1, also known as pure paint pigment paint. The effect is pure paint color, the eyes do not blink viewing surface particles.
2, metallic paint: paint was added aluminum powder, eye blinking particle surface was observed. Metallic paint also contains silver paint, pearl paint and special pearl paint. Silver and pearls have different positive side effect.
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