Car maintenance: How to effectively prevent the car paint from oxidation

Release date: 2018-06-18 02:22     editor: Jinwei Chemical Co., Ltd.

All the parts on the car can be bougth from the original factory except car paint. Expert said that due to the effect of oxidation, car body paint will gradually darken and lose luster, it may also cause serious car paint cracked or even fall off. Using Jinwei Chemical "Roch"brand RQ-8099 high solid content varnish as the finish, can maintain the original paint color with a extremely long time and completely blocking the pollutants.

Automotive paint can not be avoided by oxidation and film efflorescence, the impact of the automobile paint oxidation is difficult to remove once it occurs. Using the method of polishing and grinding to remove the oxide layer, it will cause a lot of wear on the car paint surface. Therefore, conservation should start from a new car. To prevent the oxidation of the car paint, it is necessary to isolate the color paint from external environment.
Using Varnish on the surface of color paint is currently the most effective method to protect the paint from being eroded.

Roch RQ-8099 high solid content varnish advantages are reflected in the following four points:
1.Beautify the car body also protect it, completely block asphalt, acid rain, bird droppings, gum, pollen and other pollutants, prevent paint oxidation.
2.It can make the car paint to form a mirror effect, being delicate texture and bright.
3.There is no  twice damage to the car paint.
4.The shelf life of the film can be more than 3 years.
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