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Release date: 2018-06-18 02:23     editor: jin chemical industry

White paint maintenance 1. Avoid exposure

Said although autumn already, but now the weather is very hot, therefore, the owner must avoid white vehicle exposure, of course no matter what color of paint, the paint will happen is faded in the sun. So the owner must avoid as far as possible.

White paint maintenance 2. Wax coating sealing glair

The owners first need to know is, now the car paint is divided into high temperature and low temperature of the lacquer that bake lacquer that bake, so-called high temperature of the lacquer that bake also is the vehicle itself of the original production of paint, low temperature of the lacquer that bake is to give the vehicle color paint, car mostly know these, can better to maintain the car paint.

White paint maintenance 3. Repair paint

Touch-up and owners often are faced with the problem. So the owner touch-up skills are necessary. But given the repair coating process requirement is very high, generally paint surface has minor scratches, suggest there is no need to fill paint, wax can be covered. A little bit, made from wool wheel polishing to remove the scratch is ok, everything is hope that the owner of the white paint can get better maintenance.

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