Automobile coating color table

Primary colors on the color wheel extends the longest sections show the three primary colors -- red, yellow, blue. They are called primary colors. Because other color can be through the combination of these three kinds of color.

Colour collocation principles and skills Qi xin colour

The second color (three) to mix any two kinds of color, you can get three: orange, red and yellow) purple (red and blue) and green (blue and yellow)

The third color (mixed color) 6 kinds of color on the color wheel is called the mixed color. They are the primary colors and a nearby mixture of indirect color: orange, yellow and orange), green, yellow and green), green (green and blue) crimson (red and orange).

The three elements of color: hue, to distinguish all kinds of color, such as red, green, blue, etc.; Purity, in a show of colour shades; Lightness, in order to show color light and shade.

1, the color match colors

Based on the hue of the color matching is based on the color wheel to think, to use similar colours on the color wheel to match colors, can get a stable and unified feeling. The color with the color of the distance, can achieve certain contrast effect.

Similar hue of the color, can show common color impression. This color on the hue is both commonality and have change, it is very easy to get the color balance. For example: the combination of yellow, orange, orange; Group of the combination of cyan, blue purple, violet hue are similar color. Similar to the color, the same hue hue of the color is easy to produce drab feeling, so you can use contrast color of color matching technique. Poor color contrast in both lively and not conflict, is loved by people of color.

Hue contrast color, it is to point to in the color wheel, is located in hue rings at the ends of the diameter of the circle color or color combinations of remote location. It contains the difference in the color hue, contrast color hue, complementary color hue. Contrast hue of the color properties is green, so often in tonal on or area used to achieve the color balance.

Hue of the color in 16 color wheel, Angle of 0 ° or close to the color, is called the same color hue.Angle is 22.5 °, between the two color color color difference is 1, called the adjacent color hue.Angle 45 ° between the two color, the color difference is 2 color, called a similar color hue.Angle is 67.5 ° and 112.5 °, color difference is 6 ~ 7 color, called hue contrast color.About Angle is 180 °, the color difference is 8 color, is called complementary color hue.


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