Our philosophy:

Integrity win-win, rigorous practical, strives for realism the innovation is our adherence to the spirit of enterprise; Excellent quality, respect the development of society and the nature is our requirements; Customer very satisfaction is the unlimited power of our service; Provide greater development space for employees is the pursuit of the efforts we jin wei.

Our goal:

Do the first-class enterprise in China, and the world brand of China!

Our mission:

Create unlimited value for society, customers and employees.

In the process of production, in strict accordance with ISO9001 standards of work instructions for homework, every production steps to adopt strict quality inspection procedures, has the first-class laboratory and a full set of import of scientific research, experiment and testing equipment, quality control as the first goal to enterprise management.

Practice of "people-oriented, appoint none but people on their merit" of the concept of choose and employ persons, attach importance to talent introduction and professional training, with many domestic famous universities and research institutions to establish a long-term exchange and cooperation relations, we are eagerly looking forward to a person with lofty ideals to join jin wei family, unite as one, work together to create brilliant future!

Low company with basketball courts, indoor table tennis room and other recreational activities, and regularly carry out the corresponding competition activities.

When each year to organize a collective traveling activity.

Company provides accommodation, the dormitory is equipped with air conditioning, cable, water heater and other facilities.

Low company is equipped with perfect attendance, seniority subsidies, performance bonus and other benefits.

Low company provide five insurance: endowment insurance, inductrial injury insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance.

Low the company has paid wedding leave, funeral leave with pay, paid maternity leave and annual leave with pay.

The company has a perfect performance appraisal system, and regularly according to their personal performance evaluation work performance, provide employees with a good mechanism and the safeguard.

Recruitment principle: applicants please send resume to 13602763371@139.com. We will be to consult your resume within one week, such as for will call for interview. Thank you very much!

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